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Нээлттэй ажлын байр

  • Нээгдсэн огноо: 2018.03.29
  • Хаагдах огноо: 2018.04.14

The candidates we are seeking must have a great working ethic, good communication skills, a positive attitude, and ability to work in a fast pace environment .

  • Develop and execute marketing plans to develop brand strategies, new product development pipelines, and sales goals.
  • Assist with branding and development of marketing campaigns dedicated to heightened branding awareness, cultivating leads, enhancing partner relationships, and increasing sales efforts.
  • Conduct competitive assessments on marketplace demands and offer recommendations into new categories, markets, or channels.
  • Lead and manage marketing projects and ensure objectives are met, projects stay on budget, and metrics are met.
  • Write and manage content for online social media outlets.
  • Ability to strategize on marketing campaigns and see through inception to press. Must be able to creatively write content and then create a finished product to be sent out for marketing purposes.
  • Develop sales support materials, programs, newsletters, and tools to increase sales productivity.

Required qualifications:

  • Must have Bachelor's degree in Marketing or Communications. Master's Degree is preferred
  • At least three years of marketing manager experience is required
  • Strong analytic and fact based decision making skills
  • Proven ability to launch and support ideas and vision
  • Proven ability to work on and track multiple project simultaneously
  • Fluent English language is required
  • Strong written, verbal or oral presentation skills
  • Proficiency in PowerPoint, Excel, Word and other standard office computer applications.

Retailing or FMCG experience is preferred

If you are interested in this position please send your CV to hr@e-mart.mn or click Apply button from below.


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